Hello, I am Maria Cecilia, a Cuban American home-school mother of 10 children, 5 as little saints, living in South Mississippi with my husband of almost 17 years and a lazy corgi, Leo.  

Outside of making bows, I love to read on my Catholic faith, life, and history. Our home is a big promoter of the classical education along with the beauty of classical music. I am a big fan of soccer, football (A Philly Eagles & Miami Fin fan), and the beauty of the great outdoors.  

I also enjoy creating Catholic prints using the beautiful message of Divine Mercy as well love to spread the message of the beauty of life using social media, bows, prints, and God’s gift’s to me.

Hair Bows 4 Life has been around since May of 2009 when I started to make hair bows for my youngest daughter. At that time, I had only 3 girls who were born with lots of hair, must be the Hispanic in them.
 I always had a hard time finding hair bows that I either like or could afford.  So I learned to make bows for my girls, families, and friends.  
One day as I was making bows, a religious medal had fallen to the ground and as I pick it up, I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to put it on the center of the bows! That was how our religious bows were created. 

I also want to do something more with the bows than just sell them. Once again, the Holy Spirit inspired me to aim my mission to bring awareness and support for the unborn and sanctity of human life by giving back at least 10% of each sale into the Pro-life community!

That was the birth of Hair Bows 4 Life.