We are coming upon one of the greatest feast of Our Lady in our times (at least for me and the millions of Mexicans around the world); 

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

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 Here I will demonstrate, I will exhibit, I will give all my love, my compassion, my help and my protection to the people. I am your merciful mother, the merciful mother of all of you who live united in this land, and of all mankind, of all those who love me, of those who cry to me, of those who seek me, of those who have confidence in me. Here I will hear their weeping, their sorrow, and will remedy and alleviate all their multiple sufferings, necessities and misfortunes.


There is nothing I can write to express the emotion in visiting our Lady in Mexico. Every time, I have gone to see her it is as I have never seen her before and my heart aches with love for her.  

Within 10 years of the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe, 10 million people were converted  in 1530 due to this miracle.

The virgin Mary as she appeared in a vision

Now the Tilma is purely a miracle and not just because we are Catholic believers.  You can be an atheist and read all the scientific outcome of the tilma and believe that it’s a miracle to say the least. I am always taken away by the discoveries found on the tilma such as this one;

There is no explanation offered by NASA scientists on how the image was imprinted on the Tilma. There are no brush strokes, or sketch marks on it. The image also seems to increase in size and change colors owing to an unknown property of the surface and substance of which it is made. The colors actually float above the surface of the Tilma at a distance of 3/10th of a millimeter (1/100th of an inch), without touching it. When examined less than 10 inches of the image, one can only see the maguey cloth; the colors totally disappear.

I can’t even fathom the thought of the colors float about surface, can you?  The beauty of God!

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the  Protectess of the Unborn .  She came during a time that Aztecs were killing humans and she is still here as we are still killing humans.   During Advent and this great feast day we need to recall the unborn and their mothers. 

Mary appears as Our Lady of Guadalupe with a message of prayer, love and compassion. She embodies hope for the Americas just as in Advent we recognize that the pregnant Madonna carrying the Christ Child is hope for mankind. Advent is about waiting and preparing for the birth of Christ. – Theresa Thomas

This great article   The Pro-Life Message of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Advent by Theresa Thomas gives us simple yet very meaningful ways to celebrate Advent as we try to protect the unborn.

One unique way to observe Advent is to use the time, among other preparations, to ponder the maternity of the Blessed Mother and the value of life from its earliest beginnings in the womb. Doing this, we will remember anew that while there was only one Savior of the world in the Divine Christ Child, who was both God and man, every person is a gift. Every life has potential and God does not make mistakes – every child is wanted and loved by Him, even if rejected by his own mother and father


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There are so many great books on Our Lady of Guadalupe, here are a few that  we enjoy as a family.

Our Lady of Guadalupe
This book will give you every detail on the times and meanings of this great miracle; Guadalupe Mysteries: Deciphering the Code


We love this series and it’s a great read out loud; Saint Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe (Encounter the Saints (14))



virgen de Guadalupe para colorear


Juan Diego And Our lady of Guadalupe coloring pages


Catholic arts, crafts, games, activities, and ideas to help parents and teachers share the faith with children!


Paper Dolls: Saint Juan Diego's Feast Day & Our Lady of Guadalupe


Juan Diego's Paper Tilma for Kids | Catholic Inspired ~ Arts, Crafts, and Activities!

There are more ideas on our Pinterest board, check them out to see other ways to celebrate!



Mexican Sopapillas for St. Juan Diego or Our Lady of Guadalupe

Mexican Sopapias For St Juan Diego or Our Lady of Guadalupe

Burrito Lady of Guadalupe | Millas Mat



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Virgin of Guadalupe,
Patroness of unborn children,
we implore your intercession
for every child at risk of abortion.
Help expectant parents to welcome from God
the priceless gift of their child’s life.

Console parents who have lost that gift
through abortion,
and lead them to forgiveness and healing
through the Divine Mercy of your Son.

Teach us to cherish
and to care for family and friends
until God calls them home.
Help us never to see others as burdens.

Guide our public officials
to defend each and every human life
through just laws.
Inspire us all to bring our faith into public life,
to speak for those who have no voice.

We ask this in the name of your Son,
Jesus Christ, who is Love and Mercy itself.

— 2010 Respect Life Liturgy Guide, USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities.


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This Christmas we are heading off to Mexico (it has been 5 years) and we will go to visit our sweet Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose Rosary from La Villa

 If you  would like me  to bring back a rosary from the Villa that is made out of roses and has a small image of Our Lady, just click on Buy Now , just $8 (which includes shipping).


I pray you are having a blessed Advent season.

Cecilia @Hairbows4life