“I found out I was pregnant and the first thing I thought was abortion, but I thank God that I have erased that idea from my head, because now I’m happy waiting for a baby. ” – Yesenia


Those are the very common thinking of many young who find themselves pregnant and alone.  When they are alone, where do they go? Who will help them close LIFE?

This young women found herself again pregnant and thinking of abortion  but an angle send her to La Casa Hogar.

 La Casa Hogar  is located in Mexico City  which provides a decent home to young single mothers and children in street situations to raise their quality of life through comprehensive assistance and human promotion based on fundamental values of coexistence, as well as encouraging them to develop and become independent as healthy families.



La Casa Hogar para Madres Solteras AC was founded in Mexico in June 1993 and is located south of Mexico City. Its objective is to serve young mothers and their children, who due to socio-economic needs or disability problems, are unable to meet their basic subsistence and development requirements; providing medical or legal assistance, social orientation, funeral services, rehabilitation of drug-dependent minors, assistance and comprehensive care of street children and in matters of health, education, and legal assistance to unprotected single mothers.

In the first three months after giving birth, the mothers are in the House with their babies all day, without the need to go out to work in order to strengthen emotional ties with their children; in these cases the Home House covers all expenses of food, clothing, health and other expenses related to the mother and the baby.


These single mothers are girls and young mothers from 12 to 21 years old, with one child, whose age fluctuates between 0 to 5 years of age. These young mothers are eithe victims of human trafficking, with problems of drug use in treatment, unaccompanied migrants living with HIV in an asymptomatic phase. It currently has a population of 29 young mothers and 29 boys and girls as February 2015.

Yesenia is just one of many women who are  being assisted in the  La Casa Hogar.

 Her testimony is a sign that “the way to end abortion is love and solidarity with women who suffer this tragedy. Because a man comes and goes, but a baby never comes back, ” she said.


The Congregation of Slaves of the Sorrowful Virgin emerged in Guadalajara on May 22, 1920, and was founded by the young Rita Ruiz Velasco Íñiguez, who began working with women who, drowned in their sufferings, saw no possible solution. Thus, even today, after 97 years, this religious sisters continue their selfless work defending the life and dignity of women overwhelmed by problems.

“It should no longer be frowned upon to be a single mother, on the contrary, to prevent a crime against a helpless being from being committed is a great act of courage. In this sense we want to support and therefore we will continue to pray for society to unite and give voice to those who do not have it, “said the nun.

Here is a beautiful video in Spanish about this amazing work of merciful Love!

We are heading to Mexico City this Christmas season and would like to bring them suitcases filled with much-needed supplies. 

We will be traveling there on December 19th and we will physically bring these supplies to the Home.

Please consider in donating to this great cause of Pro-Life in action.

IF you donate at least $20, we will mail you a “rose rosary” from the Villa of Guadalupe .

Protectress of the Unborn

April 24th  reports what may have been an unusual luminosity in the famed image of Mary at the Shrine of Guadalupe in Mexico City immediately after that city legalized abortion.

An engineer, Luis Girault, who has studied the picture thus produced, has confirmed the authenticity of the negative, and has been able to specify that it had not been either modified nor altered, by superimposition of another image for example,” stated the priest. “He discovered that the image (the picture produced) does not come from any reflection, but literally comes from the inside of the image of the Virgin. The produced light is very white, pure and intense, different from habitual photographic lights produced by flashes. This light is encircled with a halo and appears to float inside the abdomen of the Virgin. This halo has the form and measurements of an embryo. In effect if we again examine more precisely this picture by making it turn in a sagittal plan, we perceive inside the halo some areas of shade that have the characteristics of a human embryo in the maternal womb.”




 Our Lady  is  hurting,  Our Lord cries.  These sisters are taking into action Our Lord’s merciful love to these young  mother who choose LIFE.


We have a deadline of December 15th to give us enough time to shop for the supplies.

The funds raise will be use to buy baby clothes, diapers, supplies of that nature. They were also hit by the earthquake and thankful their damage wasn’t too physical.  Any money not use for supplies will be given to the Sisters . 

These single mothers are getting a chance to change the course of their future and their children so to be able to success in this life and give to others.

We are also donating 100 of our Pro-life Precious feet and Our Lady of Sorrow for the sisters to either sell them or give them away to the children.

We ask that you help us bring some peace and love from abroad to the this home and the sisters. 

We can truly be an act of Merciful Love this Christmas.  May the Baby Jesus live your hearts and homes this Christmas and everyday!


With the love of Christ,

Cecilia @Hairbows4life