Darkness fell across the state of Delaware yesterday, as the House vote yes on SB 5 which will legalize Late Term Abortions.

Late-Term abortion is when the Child is too developed to be suctioned out via vacuum aspiration and instead requires a late-term D&E dismemberment procedure.  

My heart is so heavy that I can’t seem to move to a different thought than that of all the innocent lives who are at risk of death. The unborn babies were given a sentence to death by men and women in a suit. 

At one time, Delaware was our home and is now one of the most pro-death abortion states.  We now live in the state of Mississippi, one of the most pro-life states in the union.

I wonder what goes inside the minds of these men and women who voted yes to murder .  What happened?  Where did the evil close their eyes to the truth and beauty of LIFE?  

When I read about the bill detail last night, I noticed the time which the House passed this law was at 6:23pm.

I  couldn’t help but look up in the Holy Bible, Matthew Chapter 6 verse 23.

23 But if your eye is diseased, your whole body will be darkness. If then, the light inside you is darkened, what darkness that will be!


What darkness it is!  But I will not let this darkness be the disease of my soul, of my peace, of my love.

No, we will keep fighting the good fight!!!  

After the post on the Zookeeper’s Wife, people asked, “How can I do more for the Pro-Life movement from home?”

Here are just somethings that can be done to keep on fighting this evil of darkness.

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  1. Pray and Fast.  Pick a day that you will pray and fast to end this evil. Pray for the abortion doctors, nurses, politicians.   Find their names. Pray for them by their names. Fast for them!  

  2.  Be the Light of Christ. Love. Have a merciful love for all humans. See Christ in everyone you meet. Smile. Love your family, first.

  3. Be Social. Use social media what social media is best for. Spread the word.  Find some pro-life Facebook pages that inform you of the Pro-Life movement. Next, Share, Share, Share. 

  4. Adopt a baby. Spiritually adopt a baby. Give them a name. Pray for them.

  5. Support pro-life organizations that are in the front line of this battle for LIFE.  Give them $5, the cost of latte. Monthly, weekly? Whatever you can. Switch organizations. Make it a family event to read up on organizations and what they do and ask the kids to vote where to donate. Ask them to donate as well. 

Involve the whole family and start young so that it is in their nature (which it should be in everyone’s ones) to be pro-life and to defend ALL LIVES!

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Mother Teresa, pray for us!

With the Love of God’s Mercy,

Maria Cecilia @Hairbows4life

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