Have you ever thought that to end the war on abortion, we can win it from the inside? 

I truly believe that changing the laws of abortion, will not stop abortions.  Yes, many will be saved due to the law but abortion will still go on.

We need to change the hearts and lives of those on the inside!

Don’t we want to save that one sheep? 

Our Lord Jesus Christ, went out to find that one lost sheep while he had 99 sheep in this flock. He made a great point in say thing that He needed to find that one sheep.

While we fight to end the law of abortion and win over the hearts of those who are for it, we must do what it takes to find that one lost sheep.

That sheep is an abortion worker.

When I found this organization by Abby Jonhson called, And Then There Were None also at abortionworker.com, I saw the face of Christ looking for his lost sheep.

ATTWN is a nonprofit organization that exists to help abortion clinic workers leave the abortion industry.

ATTWN is pro-life without exceptions and supports all peaceful pro-life efforts, ATTWN seeks to end abortion from the inside out.

You see, those abortion workers are human as well. Since we as pro-lifers believe that ALL lives Matter. Then these workers lives matter to Christ, matter to us. 

His mercy doesn’t pass judgment. His mercy is for all!

ATTWN shows His mercy to abortion workers. They help them get out of this evil work into a place where they can heal, forgive themselves and protect other lives!

6 Ways they help these lost sheep!

Financial: Once they finally get a worker’s proof of their resignation from the clinic, they provide one month of income replacement.  Money is almost the key to holding them to a job a bit longer. These workers can be single moms who have bills to pay. Transitional financial assistance is a key in helping them take that first step

Legal: These workers have been a part of or witnessed illegal activity at their clinics. ATTWN have attorneys in all 50 states. They will offer them legal protection and representation.  Another plus to this has been that the lawyers have been used for a testimony of the workers to close down abortion clinics.

Employment. They have a team of professional resume writers and professional recruiters who help them find jobs in their city.  They also have a large list of contacts in every city in America who are willing to hire these workers. Some are now working with pregnancy resource centers and helping women choose life. WOW!

Emotional: They assigned each worker to a Client Manager that will be there and help them through this painful journey toward healing and finding forgiveness.  They use a relationship-driven model of ministry as in listening, giving advice, praying, and offering other emotional support. Everything is private and if need be professional counseling is given.

Spiritual: Any worker that leaves this evil, this darkness heads to the light, a spiritual conversion. They connect them to healthy, vibrant churches in their areas and Christian pastors who can help them continue to grow spiritually. Their Client Manager is also available to pray and provide spiritual support at any time, as much as needed.  There is also a section where you can partner with them with prayers.

Retreats: They will host all-expense-paid to a healing retreat each year.  They have several ” phases” of retreats and they encourage all the former workers to join in the healing program.

They are the face of Christ bringing home His lost sheep.

Abby Johnson’s story is an amazing one. Her book Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line is a book you can’t put down.  It gives you an insight to how easy it is for a young women get sucked into the work of evil without even planning it . 

Again, an amazing story that we are giving away a copy of this dramatic true story!

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They have help about 350 workers leave the abortion industry! 

As a direct result of the testimony of these workers, several clinics have been permanently shut down. More to Come!!

ATTWN makes a major great point, you see the abortion industry, especially Planned Parenthood know , that a former employee is lethal to their industry!

No abortion clinic workers, no abortion clinics, no abortions. It starts with the workers.

Please visit and if you can make a donation of any size but most of all, pray for their work and protection from the evil one who knows the great danger ATTWN is  to ending this war on Unborn.

With Christ’s Merciful Love,

Maria Cecilia @HairBows4Life

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