Pro-Life Wednesday: Open to Life is also open to death!

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Have you ever taken the word pro-life and thought the meaning of it?  When you look  up the definition of pro-life, you get “opposed to abortion”.  But being opposed to abortion is not being pro-life. There is so much more to pro-life than just being opposed to abortion.   Growing up, I never thought more to those words of pro-life than that simple definition; one opposed to abortion.  I believe millions of people think the same.  But LIFE has shown me that meaning  is so much more. 

When you come to think of it, the word itself is  just odd. PRO-LIFE.  Someone who supports  LIFE.  I never met someone who was dead being pro-life?  I mean if you are breathing chances are you are pro-life (yes, we have sadly the exception of millions who take their own life and its a sadness of its own). 

But I never thought in my life that being pro-life , an openness to LIFE also  meant  having an openness to DEATH. This  openness of death didn’t really hit home to me until the death of my third child.  Losing an unborn child is no stroll in the park at whatever stage that child is develop.   I have lost two children  borderline of the first and second trimester which one resulted in an emergency D&C and the other a natural passing of the baby at home.

However, when I experienced my third loss of my unborn baby late in the second trimester, I experiences a different meaning of being pro-life/openness to life.    I had to deliver this silent baby into my arms for a short time but forever in my heart.   God’s love and presences during one of the 2 hardest time in my life (so far) was so overwhelming beautiful.  This occurred during the start of Holy Week 2012 and to unit my suffering of losing my son with Mary was a gift in many ways from God. 

I learn the hardest way that being open to life meant I had to be open to death. It meant that I had to be open to the idea that my unborn baby might not see this side of earth but they would see greater beauty, truth, and love. 

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It was only 16 months later , that I had to experiences this openness to death yet again after losing another sweet baby boy, Juan Diego (his due date was December 12th).  During this time, I had come across a book that had a great impact of my healing beside God’s grace and prayers from family and friends, After Miscarriage: A Catholic Woman’s Companion to Healing & Hope .   Words have such power to bring healing and comfort to others and the stories and comfort in this book was amazing.  

I was inspired by God to start a miscarriage ministry where we can give any mother who needs to find some comfort after losing their unborn baby this book. Magnolia Miscarriage Ministry

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If you know someone or yourself that needs some healing after a miscarriage and would like a copy of this book, please visit us Magnolia Miscarriage Ministry .  I would like to also mention that any money from affiliates that we get through this site goes to fund our ministry for books and shipping cost. If you feel call to donate for these expense you can do so via paypal at

Please pray for all who have suffer the loss of a child.  United in Our Blessed Mother’s suffering, Our Dearest Mother, pray for us!

With the love of Christ,

Cecilia @HairBows4Life



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8 thoughts on “Pro-Life Wednesday: Open to Life is also open to death!

  1. Such a beautiful ministry, and I love how you have been able to turn sorrow for your family, into a ministry to help assist others through similar challenges.

    And, I would agree – pro-life isn’t simply “opposed to abortion.” It is supposed to be more than “pro-birth,” and should encompass the dignity and value of life at all stages.

    Thank you for sharing your insight!

    • Cecilia @ HairBows4Life says:

      Yes, I like that, “Should encompass the dignity and value of life at all stages. God bless.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, comprehensively pro-life, view of ALL lives! So true that openness to life is openness to death. Being pro-life is so much more than being anti-abortion, and I’m glad more people are realizing and sharing that!

    • Cecilia @ HairBows4Life says:

      Thank you Laura..It’s in the sharing that we fight this battle of protecting LIFE at all stages! God bless.

  3. Wow, thank you for sharing this amazing perspective. It’s true, Pro-Life and Pro-Natural-Death go hand in hand… because death is the doorway to Eternal Life!

  4. Nelly says:

    I embrace you… I haven’t had an experience like this but everytime I read about miscarriages it hits me hard. You are very right, to be pro-life goes way beyond life itself.

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